Monday, September 22, 2008

How I wisH...

i remember this was a hit during 2001
when i was still in Uitm..completing my diploma..
then came Sara (my roomates) wif VCD's in hand,
smiling..and heyyy we lepak and layan this movies
together whole nite long..
I miss u Sara..
Now..I really2 wish that one day i can watch this two movies
wif ..GOD kno who..
Ooo..Ginnie in the bottle...
plissssssss2 fulfill my wish and make it true...

Sweet November is a 2001 American romantic drama starring Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves. The film is based on an earlier version made in 1968 and written by Herman Raucher. Due to its poor reception by critics the film was nominated for Worst Remake or Sequel and both Reeves and Theron nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Actress (respectively) at the 2001 Golden Raspberry Awards.


The movie begins as a man named Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) climbs out of bed one morning, ignoring his girlfriend Angelica (Lauren Graham) and climbing into the shower thinking of nothing except his new "hot dog" advertising client. His girlfriend Angelica tells him they need to talk but he has other things on his mind. It is revealed that he's a cocky, highly paid advertising executive and has won many awards for his campaigns.

Nelson gets to work in a high rise office in downtown San Francisco and barks out orders to his staff, trying to put the final touches on the proper way to sell a hot dog. His secretary reminds him that he has a 1:00 appointment at the DMV and he can't break it. He reluctantly goes down to the DMV office and prepares to take the written test. A woman named Sara Deever (Charlize Theron) sits in a chair beside him and makes a spectacle of herself, dropping groceries and making quite a disturbance. Nelson gets stumped on one question and whispers to Sara for help. She whispers back that she hasn't gotten that far yet. The instructor hears her and kicks her out of the class. When Nelson finishes and goes to his car, Sara is there waiting for him, sitting on his Mercedes. He offers to give her some money to "buy redemption" but she won't take it. Nelson orders her off his car and drives away.

That night, Nelson's bellman calls up to his room to say there is a strange woman there asking for him. He goes down to find Sara, who wants a ride and when Nelson refuses, she starts making a scene. To quiet her down, he agrees to take her to wherever she wants. She directs him all the way to Oakland and has him park his car in a warehouse area. She puts on a wig and glasses, takes his keys and runs inside. Suddenly alarms start going off and she runs back to his car carrying a bag with a couple puppies. Turns out they were going to be used for experimentation and she rescued them. Nelson drives Sara home and she tells him that if he comes up for some cocoa, she will call it even. He says no, so she tells him to meet her tomorrow at 8:00. He goes upstairs and she tells him of her plan for him. She explains that he is living in a dark box. She wants him to spend the entire month of November with her so she can open the box and let some light into his life. He decides she's nuts and leaves.

Directed by John Stockwell.
Starring Bruce Davison, Kirsten Dunst, Lucinda Jenney, Jay Hernandez, Taryn Manning.

The Romeo and Juliet story has been modernized to a high school setting previously, but this romance from director John Stockwell turns the tale inside out. Jay Hernandez stars as Carlos Nunez, a poor but athletically gifted Latino teenager who endures a two-hour bus ride every day from East L.A. to attend the posh, wealthy Pacific Palisades High School in Los Angeles on a football scholarship. A straight-A student, Carlos is focused and driven, but his future is cast in doubt when he becomes the flirtation target of spoiled, self-destructive bad girl Nicole Oakley (Kirsten Dunst), who's the daughter of a prominent congressman (Bruce Davison). When his friends, family, and even Nicole's own father oppose the romance for Carlos' sake, he chooses to ignore their advice and stubbornly pursues his relationship with Nicole, whose feelings grow from simple physical attraction to something much deeper. Crazy/beautiful is directed by writer, actor, and director John Stockwell, who also penned the same year's Rock Star. ~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

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