Thursday, September 4, 2008

ThE GamE's He PlaYed

The PlayER : Si CarliFF=> the Future F1 Driver (coz lately he is sooo excited sitting wif his daddy driving the car!!!!)- Ok2 i kno it's dangerous....

The GaMe : Poppity Vehicle by Fisher Price (pity dis little thing been thrown away by mr. player here and thre..heheh)

Here i come...


Why mommy never tell me that this thing is sooo tasty huh??..

Wahh, the tyre also feel yummy lar..but soo hard to chew..(upss..i heard mommy's comin..she must be pop pet soon)

1 comment:

aunty fina said...

Dear Carliff Sayang,
Aunty bought u lovely orange hat..
haha..comel..macam carliff..

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