Thursday, August 14, 2008


BZ mom's wif SUPER BZ Baby..yahh..dat's wat really happening now..Since he reached 5 month old, his life getting bz almost of e' time whenever he wakes up...starting from smiling (he always wakes up wif smile on his face)..he keeps bz wif the toys, teether..pillows and wat ever things dat he can grips wif his gemok little fingers-to put in his cute little mouth! As he can also now push himself forward, backward and make 360 dgree circle around...i had to supervised his movement, tke extra care and be a safety guard !! :D yeah..tired but worth it!!!

Snap!!! Pose untuk AchiK!!

Fun time...happy hours..

Upps!! I did it again!! (jatuh~terlentang)

Wat Mommy? Cant u c? Im bz like a bee?

i think..i've found somthing tasty..hihi..yummy..

For this pose itself consume Achik to bought me Baju Raya tawww..


mak-n'chik fina.. said...

untuk carliff sayang achikk..
nanti achik beli naa..sekarang kan tengah sale..hehehe..

shafinar said...

mak-chik rindu carliff

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