Tuesday, July 8, 2008

..JUst aN EMPTY cribS..

Hello Carliff, Good Morning Carliff,
This are the words that I first said to u, moment after u blink your cute eyes when u wake up..but not like before,..my nite never b the same again without u lying by my side..
Only God’s know how much Mommy MISS U, but yet for u to understand that I’m doing this for your own good..and I kno my decision is right..I left u in a good hand..she’s my Mother, and of course I don’t even have a bit of worries..it’s just I’m deadly missing u so Much!! Last nite when I enter your room, the silent remains…and it’s just an empty cribs..Hope u are doing good dear..Mommy and Daddy will always LOVES U!!!!

Baloon by Achik Pinat, Elmo and Bubba given by Daddy,
Teddy By Auntie Hira, Fluffy Bedding of Simpsons by MaK Tok
TQ to all..

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