Monday, July 21, 2008

::I Am A Mother::

As you may be able to tell, my frequency of blogging has fallen precipitously. Among other things, I'm still adjusting to life as a working mother. Fikir pasal keja, rumahtangga, pasal suami dan anak..Fuhhh, sangat meletihkan. Consume almost all of my energy.

Kehidupan sekarang ni amat berbeza dari dulu. Yup, my life have change tremendously. I wake up at 5am every working day. (I both hate it and am motivate by it, I’am a mother now!!)..taking shower, solat, express milk for Craliff, wake him up to change the diaper, ( if he’s still sleeping @ 6.45am, but sometimes when he noticed I’m not around, automaticly he’ll blink his cute little eyes eventho it’s just 5.30am!!) doin make up and dress up to work.

At 7 am, it’s time for Carliff to dress to nursery. It is only sometimes I have to struggle to dress him up especially when he start searching for his teddies, but most of the time, he will stare at me before presenting his large smile and say me to reply him) and keep booo booing until I finish putting him cloth. At that time I feel I’m the luckiest person in planet, so happy coz Allah give me a chance to hold a tittle as a MOTHER.

Sambung crita..We reached my work place somewhere around 7.45am. Lepas punch hand, cepat-cepat bawa Carliff ke nursery..main2 kejap ngan dia dan kalu sempat tidorkan dia..then baru senang hati nak start keja..but lately, melihat dia membesar di depan mata, setiap kali antar dia ke nursery, macam tahu2 ja kita nak tinggal kan dia…he gave me a look..some kind of look yang buat kita tak sampaiiiii hatiiiii nak tinggal kan dia..Oh..ibu mana yang sanggup tinggalkan anak ke tangan orang lain..naluri hati ibu ini tak penah rasa senang..apatah lagi anak yang ditunggu kehadirannya selepas 3 tahun berkahwin. But what to do dear, Mommy have to work..and I’m doin this to give u better life in future, InsyaAllah. I hope u will understand. Dan senyuman saya semakin berseri setiap tibanya jam 5 petang..It’s time for me to take u home.

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