Sunday, April 27, 2008

++MoRE CaRLiff's++

=UnTuK Suma FamiLy MemBerS, LoVely Frens (yg blom sempat tgok baby i lagi..) & Viewers..Here More of CarRliff's..=

MoMmy n Daddy are SoOOO..glad to have u as oUr son..B a GooD Boy!

I'm 1 month old now!!! YiPPY..

CarLiff GuMoK!!

Amri ska sgat pix nih..katanya si Carliff tidok dgan muka tension!! haha

3 am in the morning-he wake up for his milk, this is the first time me and my mom's witness the smile..very touching lar..(the white spot on his face was his skin dat started to peel off) sian si CarLiff Mommy tu..

Saat yg paling best Tgok dia tidok..zzzzz..
so peace n calm..tapi dia baikkk sagt tak penah meragam pon..
that's my baby...

we Bought him 2 comforter set..both with PooH cartoons on it..
ssoooo damn cute..
at this time, carliff just 1 days old..very tiny little pony..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

..anD dat'S His FiRst LittLe WinK..

DOB : 06 MarCh 2008 (same date wif his Aunty Achik)
11.21 am, PearL MaterniTy HospitaL PenanG

Here come our little 2.35kg pumpkin...d first grandson in my family..Our first edition of LOVES...We named him CARLIFF AL-IMRAN..with due to surah Al-Imran..the one that i loves to recite durin pregger time..
and Carliff? Yeah, it's Khalif actually..named after Khalifah word..we just change the capital K" to C" to make it stylo milo(-dat's wat my hubby said lar..hikhik..)but i'm LOVIN it!!! as much as I LoVES both of them..!!

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